Well ,i think my followers are following me for my blog, so:

  • I think, you should have a.. cool blog c:
  • Don’t post things you don’t like!
  • Be humble with your followers c;
  • if you want have a “famous or popular” person of tumblr following you, it’s good if you ask them to check out your blog!, you don’t lose NOTHING! n_n and, if they start to following you, that would be AWESOME!
  • stay active with your blog, or have some “queue”, if your followers see that you’re not posting things, they will unfollow you!
  • Post some pictures (Not reblog), and OBVSLY give the credit!, but you can take some credit too, how? = okay, you can put the url (credit) in the “set a click-through link”, and your url in the source!, and when the persons reblog the picture, they’ll see the source and if your url is cool or striking, they will check out your blog! c:
  • is important too, have a cool url c:
  • and, be cool with all your followers c;
  • Be yourself and don’t try to be like the others blogs.
  • keep calm!

 it’s hard get so followers, but if your blog is cool i think you’ll get a lot c;

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  • 09 July 2011
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